If you are contacting us regards research into a member of your family who might have worked on the old BCDR, we will be happy to hear from you but cannot guarantee that we will be able to help – most of the official records of the BCDR went to the Public Records Office in Belfast, and they tended not to have employment records as we would understand them.

However for any of the other railway companies the Irish Railway Record Society has opened an email service at irrsie@gmail.com. This address should be used in the first instance for anyone who might wish to contact them with enquiries about relatives who have most of the surviving archive material from old railway companies in their care. The IRRS also publishes their ‘Records of the Irish Transport Genealogical Archive’ which is a great help to those researching their family history. They do not possess BCDR records however.

Other sources of information include the 1911 census from the Irish National Archive, which has placed on-line a free searchable edition of the census, which includes images of the original census forms filled in by heads of households. It was the last census before 1926, owing to the War of Independence and the Civil War.