By leaving us a legacy you can help us safeguard railway heritage now and for future generations.  Our charitable status means that the value of any gift made to the museum in your will is deducted before inheritance tax.

Our promises to you:

  • We’ll use your special gift wisely and effectively
  • You don’t have to tell us your decision – we respect your right to privacy
  • You can come and see our work first hand
  • We’ll answer any questions honestly and quickly
  • If you want your gift to be spent in an area that’s special to you, we’ll arrange it

Please use our contact page to discuss legacies with us.


Frequently asked questions

  • How should I word my Will to include a legacy for the benefit of the Downpatrick & County Down Railway?

    An appropriate form of wording to be used when you make a Will would be: “I give to the Downpatrick & County Down Railway Society, Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland, for the general charitable purpose of the Society (for a legacy) the sum of ….. pounds (for a gift of net residue) the net residue of my estate absolutely (or for a gift of share of residue) a ….. part of the net residue of my estate absolutely, and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Society shall be a good and sufficient discharge of the same.”

    But please consult a qualified solicitor as this is only intended as a guide.

  • Can I choose what my legacy is spent on?

    Yes, you can request how your money is spent; however leaving a legacy for us to use in the way we feel best allows us to target funds where they are most needed at any given time.


  • I want to add a legacy to my Will but would prefer not to rewrite the whole document. Is there a simple way of adding a legacy?

    You should only change your Will by adding a codicil to it or writing a completely new Will. A codicil is a supplement to a Will which makes some alterations but leaves the rest of it intact, but again we would advise you to consult your solicitor regarding making a codicil to your Will.