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Our railway is closed

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we remain closed to the public and all visitors for the time being.

It is not possible to book any tickets at this time.

Please see our Covid-19 appeal page for more details.


Rolling stock
A catalogue and history of all the locomotives, railcars, carriages, wagons and on track plant at our railway.

You can filter the list using the drop-downs so it only shows certain types of rolling stock (e.g. locomotives) and also whether it is operational, under restoration or stored.

You can sort the list by clicking the column headers (e.g. you can sort stock from oldest to newest by clicking the ‘Build Date’ header).

Name Stock type Build date Current status
CSET No. 1 Locomotive 1934 Operational
CSET No. 3 Locomotive 1935 Operational
GSWR No. 90 Locomotive 1875 Museum display
CIÉ 146 Locomotive 1962 Operational
CIÉ A39R Locomotive 1956 Operational
CIÉ G617 Locomotive 1962 Operational
CIÉ C231 Locomotive 1956 Under restoration
CIÉ G613 Locomotive 1962 Under restoration
CIÉ G611 Locomotive 1962 Stored
CIÉ E421 “W. F. Gillespie OBE” Locomotive 1962 Museum display
CIÉ E432 Locomotive 1963 Stored
NIR 69 and 749 Railcar 1978 Under restoration
NIR 90 and 752 Railcar 1978 Stored
NIR 458 “Antrim Castle” Railcar 1987 Operational
SLNCR Railcar B Railcar 1947 Stored
NIR Railbus RB3 Railcar 1981 Stored
Wickham Railcar 712 Railcar 1962 Stored
Wickham Railcar 713 Railcar 1962 Under restoration
CIÉ Park Royal 1944 Carriage 1955 Operational
UTA Festival Coach 728 Carriage 1951 Operational
CIÉ 3223 Carriage 1954 Stored
NIR DBSO 8918 Carriage 1974 Operational
BCDR 72 – the ‘Holywood Railmotor’ Carriage 1905 Museum display
BCDR 148 Carriage 1897 Museum display
GSWR 836 Carriage 1902 Museum display
An Post TPO 2977 Carriage 1958 Museum display
An Post TPO 2978 Carriage 1958 Stored
CIÉ 1918 Carriage 1957 Stored
CIÉ 2419 Carriage 1956 Stored
GSWR 69 Carriage 1888 Under restoration
CIÉ Tin Van 638a Carriage 1956 Under restoration
GSWR 1097 Carriage 1925 Stored
Ulster Railway 33 Carriage 1862 Museum display
CIÉ AEC 6111 Carriage 1953 Stored
BCDR 153 – the ‘Royal Saloon’ Carriage 1897 Museum display
CIÉ BR Van 3189 Carriage 1952 Stored
Unidentified GNR Six-Wheeled Carriage Carriage 1880 Stored
MGWR 25 Carriage 1894 Stored
BCDR 39 Carriage 1903 Museum display
MGWR 53 Carriage 1892 Museum display
BCDR 154 Carriage 1918 Museum display
GSWR 1287 – the ‘Tarry’ Carriage 1915 Stored
NIR Walrus C496 Wagon 1952 Stored
NCC Brown Vans Wagon 1929 Stored
NCC Brake Van 33 Wagon 1924 Stored
NCC Steam Crane 3084 Wagon 1931 Stored
Oil Tanker 1536 Wagon 1922 Stored
GSWR Plough Van 8452 Wagon 1906 Operational
CIÉ H Van 18864 Wagon 1953 Operational
GSWR Ballast Hoppers Wagon 1902 Stored
Courtaulds C378 Wagon 1951 Stored
Courtaulds C32 Wagon 1951 Stored
CIÉ Guinness Flat 27756 Wagon 1970 Operational
BCDR Bridge Wagons Wagon 1928 Stored
NIR Flat Wagons 713 and C505 Wagon 1951 Operational
NIR Bruff Recovery Vehicle On track plant 1986 Operational
NIR Tamper 7 On track plant 1978 Operational
NIR Ballast Regulator 315 On track plant 1978 Operational
NIR Hedgecutter HC1 On track plant 1971 Scrapped
Atlas Excavator On track plant 1992 Operational
Komatsu Excavator On track plant 1998 Operational
Thwaites Dumper and Trailer On track plant 1995 Operational