You can filter the list using the drop-downs so it only shows certain types of rolling stock (e.g. locomotives) and also whether it is operational, under restoration or stored.

You can sort the list by clicking the column headers (e.g. you can sort stock from oldest to newest by clicking the ‘Build Date’ header).

Name Stock type Build date Current status
CSET No. 1 Locomotive 1934 Stored
CSET No. 3 Locomotive 1935 Operational
GSWR No. 90 Locomotive 1875 Under restoration
CIÉ 146 Locomotive 1962 Operational
CIÉ A39R Locomotive 1956 Operational
CIÉ G617 Locomotive 1962 Operational
CIÉ C231 Locomotive 1956 Under restoration
CIÉ G613 Locomotive 1962 Under restoration
CIÉ G611 Locomotive 1962 Stored
CIÉ E421 “W. F. Gillespie OBE” Locomotive 1962 Museum display
CIÉ E432 Locomotive 1963 Stored
NIR 69 and 749 Railcar 1978 Under restoration
NIR 90 and 752 Railcar 1978 Stored
NIR 458 “Antrim Castle” Railcar 1987 Operational
SLNCR Railcar B Railcar 1947 Stored
NIR Railbus RB3 Railcar 1981 Stored
Wickham Railcar 712 Railcar 1962 Stored
Wickham Railcar 713 Railcar 1962 Operational
CIÉ Park Royal 1944 Carriage 1955 Operational
UTA Festival Coach 728 Carriage 1951 Operational