At a glance:
Builder: Komatsu
Build date: 1998
Original company: Railway Plant Services
Withdrawal date: 2014
Final company: Railway Plant Services
Arrived at DCDR: 2015
Current status: Operational
Current owner: DCDR

Our Komatsu model PW170-5K is the bigger of our two road-rail excavators and came to us in early 2015. It spent the first part of its life under the ownership of FL Gamble & Sons Ltd. of Worthing, and was later purchased by Railway Plant Services (RPS). RPS are a contractor firm for NIR, and over the years the Komatsu has been involved in many projects along their network including sea defence work at Whitehead and embankment strengthening along the Bangor line. After coming to us the Komatsu was quickly put to work during the South Line and Downpatrick Station relay projects. Weighing 19.5 tonnes, it’s a regular on the track team and can often be seen moving ballast, sleepers, and signalling equipment around the railway.