The 'Derry Girls' 450 class railcar takes over the railway for a summer Sunday afternoon

This event is running on Sunday 13th August

For one date only in summer 2023, the famous ‘Derry Girls’ 450 class railcar running for a summer Sunday afternoon. The train will be running to our standard timetable with standard fares. As well as the train journey, you can explore our station, museum, signal cabin, carriage and locomotive collection, and model railway. There’s also our gift shop and the buffet train at Inch Abbey, where you can also take the short walk down to Inch Abbey itself.

Trains run to our standard timetable, with departures from Downpatrick at 13:00, 13:45, 14:30, 15:15 and 16:00Details of fares and timetables can be found here.

Two different cab ride experiences!

1. Public trains in the 450 class railcar

Cab rides are available on these trains, you can book these separately. Note that the cab ride cost includes a standard adult admission for the day. You can book these here.

Book your 458 cab ride here

(Be sure to choose the correct date, Sunday 13th August!)


2. Your own private diesel locomotive on the South Line

But wait, there’s more! For the diesel Sunday only, we are running separate cab rides on our South Line with a diesel locomotive, with slots at 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30. These are an extra charge on top of your normal ticket, and can be booked here.

Book your south line cab ride here


Note that you need to be 18+ to take part in any cab experience, and need to have unimpaired hearing and vision (glasses are OK!) and need to be able to climb into a locomotive cab unassisted.