It’s all about us, innit.

November 2020
ITG destroys the railway

ITG destroys the railway

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March 2020


The railway closed due to Covid-19, and we all went home and ate bacon 24/7.

February 2018


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August 1985

Company and Society

In early 1985 it was decided that the DARS’s objectives would be best fulfilled by splitting into two organisations: The Downpatrick & Ardglass Railway Company would be a company limited by guarantee and undertake responsibility for the management of the railway, whilst the Downpatrick Railway Society would function as a support group, responsible for restoring, maintaining and operating the railway.

July 1985
DARS is founded

DARS is founded

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September 1984

Work Begins

After Lord Dunleath generously leases the trackbed to DARS for a peppercorn rent, work begins on setting up a base in Downpatrick. Though the site of the original station was now built on, the society was able to set up in the site of what was once its approaches. Planning permission for a workshop and new station building were applied for, and in October boots finally hit the ground when volunteers arrived on site to begin clearing up the trackbed as far as the Loop Platform.

January 1983

The Society Is Formed

After Gerry and his supporters hold a meeting in Denvir’s Hotel, a constitution is drafted and a costed feasibility study prepared. The Downpatrick & Ardglass Railway Society is born, and by the end of the year it will have received support from Lord Dunleath, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum and other railway societies across Ireland, in addition to full backing by Down District Council.

August 1982

Grand Plans

After a chance walk along the abandoned trackbed between Downpatrick and the Loop Platform, local architect Gerry Cochrane MBE immediately identifies the site as the perfect location for a heritage railway. After a meeting with its chairman Eddie McGrady and Director of Tourism Bryan Coburn, Gerry secures the backing of Down District Council. Together they agree a three-phase plan to rebuild the railway from Downpatrick to Ardglass.