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Our railway is closed

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we remain closed to the public and all visitors for the time being.

It is not possible to book any tickets at this time.

Please see our Covid-19 appeal page for more details.


Buffet carriage
On any running day you can visit our buffet carriages for tea, drinks and some light snacks.

Our buffet carriage is open for business during all public train running. For Easter and summer trains it is located at Inch Abbey station, where you can break your journey rather than return on the same train you arrived on. You can enjoy hot and cold drinks, buns, biscuits, chocolate bars and other goodies. Sit inside the buffet carriages if you like comfortable seats and a roof over your head, or try a chair outside if the weather allows – it’s in Ireland, so we can’t promise sunshine every day! 

For our Halloween and Christmas trains, our buffet can be found at the Loop Platform next to Merlin’s Cavern or Santa’s Magical Workshop. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are perfect for those chilly Autumn and Winter nights as you wait for your train.

Andrew and Barry, our cheerful buffet team
Andrew and Barry, certified 100% sane!